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Social Media and Website Integration Best Practices

As an online business owner, or a blogger, you have likely seen the increased number of websites that now display social media buttons. There are countless solutions and options available to webmasters, like the Facebook like button as well as an auto-tweet button from Twitter. It is definitely important to use social media on your site, but it’s important too to keep in mind that website visitors are easily distracted. You might not want to risk a sale for a Tweet. With tons of tools for social media integration, here are a few tips you can keep in your mind while you social-proof your site.

Placement of Social Media Is Important

Twitter on iPhone 3Gs
Creative Commons License photo credit: NLSven

Think out of the box in terms of placement. You can find out if your products and services will likely be well received via social media by testing placement. Stop putting these buttons everywhere on your site, and think about the items that might take off socially and place them alongside these. Test, test and test some more. Once you discover something that is working well, try to duplicate the placement throughout your entire web site.

Twitter Provides Constant Updates

Use Twitter to keep your web site up-to-date. Your web site must produce fresh content to be able to rank effectively within search engines like bing. One of the best ways to ensure your website is continually being updated, would be to incorporate a twitter feed anywhere on your site. This is often as easy as having the most current Tweets displayed in your footer or along the sidebar.

Consistent Theme For Your Website

Be sure your social media and all Internet marketing matches your website. If you’re adamant about having a facebook like button at the forefront of your site, have your graphic designer re-design it in a way that it integrates smoothly with the design of your site. Don’t just slap the stock button up there and allow it to ruin the flow of your website design (unless it happens to fit well anyway).

Custom Made To Stand Out

Be sure your social media display is custom-made. Applying customization methods, plus a little web development expertise and you can customise exactly what gets shown on your website as far as social media goes. It’s possible to incorporate many social media feeds in a web site. You can also make it so that it only displays updates that contain certain terms, or hash tags (#website). You may need to hire a web developer or programmer in order to get the customizations you need.

Get Noticed By The Search Engines

Your products and services are definitely being looked for every day. Make sure you get noticed. Make sure you engage your visitors and prospective customers via social media and excellent discussion. Getting your website equipped with social media is an effective way to take your business to the next level. Keep the above steps in mind and you will be well on your way.