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Safeguard Your Premises With Top Automatic Control Systems

In order to restrict access and increase security, it is vital for businesses and property owners to install automatic gate control systems. A gate control system consists of several units that work together to protect specific areas. It is used by home owners and property managers to secure houses, apartments and other residential buildings. Commercially, it is used by companies to identify people entering the premises, to divide sections within the premises and serves as a controlled entrance point.

Components Of Automatic Gate Control Systems

18.LafayettePark.NW.WDC.21January2013A gate system consists of the gate, gate operator, access control devices and intercom. Some residential and commercial premises have video cameras installed for surveillance and detectors that allow gates to open automatically when people exit. Automatic gate control systems also require emergency access in case the operator malfunctions or emergencies occur that require the police, fire department or paramedics to enter the area.

Types Of Gates

There are seven main types of gates. The most popular type is the sliding gate that rolls horizontally to either side. This gate is used in many residential and commercial estates. Its cousin, the cantilever gate, is wider and “hangs over” the opening of the gate. Other types include the swinging gate, bi-folding, vertical lifting, pivoting and barrier arm gates.

Types of Gate Operators

Gate operators can be powered by electricity or use a chain mechanism to function. Some operators use hydraulic motors, which pump hydraulic liquid into a specialized hose. Another type is driven by gears in order to push the gate in and out of the opening.

Types Of Access Control Systems

To identify, grant or deny access inside premises, automatic gate control systems use access devices – some can even work with your cell phone! Many office buildings give employees access cards they can swipe at the gate to enter and leave. They can use the same card to access offices for convenience. In addition to securing the individual safety, they prevent auto theft.

Other access systems include programmed digital keypads, readers for vehicles and programmed remote controls. Access control systems might be situated inside security guard offices. This is often the case when a building has separate gates for employers/residents and visitors.

What To Consider When Buying Automatic Gate Control Systems

If you are looking for an auto gate system, you need to consider the location and number of people who frequent the premises. You can speak to a gate expert about the ideal size, weight, speed, durability and energy consumption for your premises.

photo by: Elvert Barnes