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Quirky style for the Offbeat Bride

I can do this!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Danielle Delaney

Women today are opting for new styles and colors for their wedding dress. Black, red, green are all viable colors, but women are changing more than just colors. Women are changing the way tradition dictates a bride should look.

Strange, weird, wild and funky wedding dresses are being sold, and worn, around the globe. Women are donning sarees, pantsuits and even lingerie on their wedding day. Not only is white becoming less popular, even the offbeat black dresses are making way for green, blue and hot red dresses.

If you’re shopping around for your wedding dress, be sure to check out some of the new styles and designs being offered by designers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the stunning dresses, and may find that guests are adding the word “quirky to “beautiful”, when talking about your wedding day.