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Put Away the Laptop and Use a Traditional Writing Desk!

New desk
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mark Hadley

There was a time when the writing desk was the only convenient place in the house where someone could write a letter or a child could do homework. The large, hard surface was ideal for bearing down on to write. There were often cubby holes or drawers to hold various supplies like pencils, pens, ink, paper and erasers. Most of these items became largely unnecessary with the invention of the desktop computer but the desk still comes in handy for writers.

One type of  antique writing desk is also known as a roll top. This desk has a door that slides down to cover the contents. The compartment can be looked to preserve privacy. A wooden writing desk has its advantages and one of them is the aroma of new wood. A brand new oak writing desk has a certain smell that is unique. Older desks have a rugged construction that can stand up to years of use. They may show some wear but they will last for years.

Personal taste and needs will dictate which writing desk furniture should be purchased. The only way to find the most comfortable chair is to try them out. Bar stools, ladders and recliners have been used by people as desk chairs. Some are height adjustable and some are designed to recline. The original oil lamp has been replaced be an electric desk lamp. Some people like to have a portable radio or television in their home office.

Being able to write on a laptop anywhere is a great convenience but having a dedicated desk in the home will help anyone become more productive. This handy piece of furniture continues to evolve with the times and does not appear to be on its way out anytime soon. As a place to take care of paperwork or a place to get homework done, a writing desk is invaluable to any household.