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Points to Consider before Choosing a Plumber

Plumbing problems often seem to occur out of office hours. Knowing the name of a reliable plumber will give you peace of mind should you need their services at some time. If you can establish a friendly relationship with him or her, you can be hopeful that plumbing repairs will be attended to in a timely manner.

While small plumbing problems may seem like a job for a handyman rather than a professional, a stripped thread, split pipe or broken washer can soon turn a minor repair into a major drama with prospects of minor flooding and perhaps water damage to walls or carpets. Should this happen while a licensed plumber is working on the problem, insurance is almost bound to cover any additional expenses that should be incurred whereas you may not be covered if you’ve attempted the repairs yourself.

Plumbers advertise in many places and it is possible to obtain a contact number on the internet, in phone books or from a local paper. You can even jot down a number from a billboard or passing vehicle if it suits. However word of mouth is one of the best ways of finding a reliable plumber so ask around your friends and acquaintances as well. References from those who have first-hand knowledge of a service are always valuable and worth consideration.

The best plumber will not always be found working for a big company. Someone running his own business may be more inclined to attend to smaller jobs and be unwilling to pass up any work, even if out of hours. A local tradesman has friends and acquaintances throughout the area and will be keen to retain a reputation for reliable, efficient work. A small operator with one or two employees may check on his staff more closely and more often as he will be keen to protect his good name.

However, reputation is also important to a large firm. If they advertise out of hours of service and a preparedness to travel then there is no reason to bypass them. Large companies may have a subcontractor in your area; otherwise you should be prepared to pay for travelling time and perhaps expenses.

Both private and professional plumbers should be prepared to give quotes. Needless to say, any plumber you employ should be registered. It is foolhardy to employ an unregistered tradesman. Any insurance you have will be null and void should things go wrong and the tradesman is not licensed.

If the registration number of the company is not clearly visible in their office or on their vehicles, ask to see their credentials. A reputable company will be happy to oblige. Hopefully testimonials will be prominently displayed so that prospective clients will have confidence in their staff.

A company will have higher overheads than an owner tradesman but backup services may be better and there will probably be more than one tradesman available. If a one-man operation has several jobs to attend to, you may need to wait for some time to have a task done which may not be convenient if you have a major leak somewhere. Many plumbing jobs need to be addressed as soon as possible and a plumber who can provide fast, efficient service will be invaluable.

photo by: jronaldlee