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Plumbers Make People Happy and Give Peace of Mind

All the local plumbers in your community are members of an honorable group of service and repair technicians throughout the world. They stay abreast of all the latest techniques for fixing pipes, repairing fixtures, and maintaining exemplary customer service. They can make your life comfortable and pleasant by giving you peace of mind knowing they are available if something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing fixtures.

Getting into the plumbing profession is not that difficult. There is a big demand for service workers all across the country. According to the latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing trade is expected to grow 26% over the next ten years. That means that numerous openings for trained workers in this field are expected. Here is how to break into this profession.

  • You need to have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED).
  • Your knowledge of the profession can be attained by attending a technical school or by participating in an apprenticeship. The time frame associated with training varies according to the type of program. Plan on at least a few years to become fully trained.
  • There are many plumbing service companies in most sizable communities across the country. With proper licensure, you can also open your own plumbing service.
  • Plumbers have quite a variety of tasks in their work days. They may respond to business or homeowner plumbing issues. They may work as a pipe layer for a large construction project or address septic system issues. Most states require these types of service workers to have state licensure before going to work as a professional.

The pay for an expert in this service profession varies depending on what you specialize in and who you work for. The 2010 median salary for these workers was $46,600 per year. That is a good income for being able to make people happy and serve the specific plumbing needs of your community.