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Parenting Your Anxious Teen

It is sad to know that teenagers are not exempted from experiencing anxiety.  Teenagers may experience anxiety when they know that they are about to take a test, attend a party, deliver a speech, or about to go out for a date. Anxiety can be helpful if it is kept within the normal level.  If the symptoms of anxiety become so debilitating professional help must be sought.  However, if you find that your teenager is experiencing anxiety, here are some helpful parenting tips for you:

  • Parents must also be aware that avoidance does not provide lifelong benefits to your teenager.  Gradually expose your teenager to some anxiety provoking situations and teach him how to cope with it by letting her know of the benefits of being exposed to it.
  • Make sure to maintain open communication lines with your teenager.  This way, your child can freely express and let out his anxious thoughts without any hesitation and be relieved from anxiety.  By having an open relationship with your teen, he or she won’t have to suffer in silence which can only push her deeper into anxiety.
  • Provide reassurance.  You can do this by letting your teenager know that you will always be there any time she needs your comforting words and shoulders. Tell her that you will be there to provide her all the kind of support that she needs in order to be relieved from anxiety. Pacify your teenager by letting her know that being anxious is normal.  Reassure her further by telling her that she has all the capabilities of conquering anxiety.
  • Find the best therapist or doctor. If you decide to have her treated by a professional, make sure to choose the therapist or doctor who has gained enough experience in handling teenagers who have been fighting against anxiety as well.
  • Keep your teenager in good health.  Anxiety can also be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and body due to eating junk foods and drinking carbonated drinks.  Keep your child healthy by preparing healthy meals for her.  Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, magnesium and any other vitamins and minerals are highly recommended for anxious teens.