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Overcome Feeling Depressed With This Simple Practice

If you are having a hard time in life then it could be because you are feeling depressed. Depression has many symptoms that cause one to withdraw from those around them as well as themselves.

Feeling depressed is a very negative feeling of tremendous discontent, often due to the feeling inadequate. As though you are unable to meet your needs in life. While it may seem like its due to things like being unable to pay the bills, keep a job, keep a relationship, not getting a relationship or job, this is rarely the cause.

These are simply by products of a much deeper problem. Focusing your efforts on being better at those surface thoughts really will not solve anything though it may seem to in the short term.

The real problem lies far beneath the surface within your core beliefs. Your beliefs about who you are. Here is a list of some of the most common limiting beliefs:

I’m not good enough
No one likes me
I’m not loveable
I’ve never done this who do I think I am to do so now?
I’ll never be loved
I can’t take care of myself
I don’t have any talents

Do you ever find yourself thinking or feeling these ideas? When you do, is there an experience in your past that you first thought that and does it pop up each time?

This is what we call a core event in your life. This event has become so ingrained in your psyche that you drag it with you through the present and each time you’re in a similar situation you remember that event, feel depressed, and your actions then verify your already existing belief.

Have you ever tried doing something, thought “I can’t do it” with an image in your mind of some past event, and then failed at the activity?

When you find these kinds of events thats a good thing. Write down what you think of yourself because of these events and then re-write it in a positive manner and say that to yourself at least daily.