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Outdoor Patio Furniture Set for Perfect Dining

How do you like to wake up in the morning? Do you enjoy a cup of coffee and a newspaper? Are your mornings more grab and go? Do you exercise before dressing, hurry off to work and rush home at the end of the day? When was the last time you enjoyed breakfast before the day begun? If you are like most people you savor sleep more than breakfast and grab something fast as you dash out the door. What would the perfect morning look like to you? Picture this: the morning is cool but not cold. The birds are chirping, the sky is azure with just puffs of white clouds and you are sitting on your outdoor patio furniture set taking it all in with your favorite warm beverage, reading a book.

Breakfast under the Azure Skies?

Is that idyllic scene a possibility? Only if you make it one. If you have a menagerie of children to get out the door in the morning or an early work schedule it might be a bit of a trick, but if you are retired, love getting up early in the morning, this scene can be yours. There is something very invigorating and refreshing about eating breakfast outdoors, eating any meal outdoors for that matter. If you can’t manage the morning routine (most unretired people can’t) opt for dinner outside. Turn your patio or deck into a garden room with beautiful patio furniture, gorgeous arrangements of potted flowers, perhaps a water feature, a coffee table and a few purposely placed accent pieces.

Your Outdoor Oasis

When decorating your patio think in terms of it being another room. You are lucky if you have adequate covering to help protect fabrics and furniture. Outdoor patio furniture sets are designed with the elements in mind; but it helps to have protection from the sun. The sun is actually more damaging then water. A neighbor bought a gorgeous futon for her covered patio. The futon was covered in a bright orange and yellow sun flower pattern with a black background. She completed the ensemble with a coffee table centered with a high red vase with wild flowers and grasses. Surrounding the futon were Adirondack chairs and pot bursting with a profusion of color. She acid washed the patio and stained it a terra cotta color. Off to the right trickled a geometric water feature. It was the perfect outdoor room. The family ate dinner outside nightly enjoying the weather, the views, the ambiance and the food.

Beware of Sun and Water

Because the patio was covered, water damage wasn’t a factor, but the sun bleached the black background of the fabric and the sunflowers in a single season. Sun is hard on printed fabrics. There are fabrics more conducive to UV rays, so watch for those when decorating.

Outdoor Patio Furniture to Complete the Ensemble

Your home is a great place to live, but take advantage of gorgeous weather, azure skies, puffy clouds, the trees, birds, beautiful outdoor patio furniture sets and a little relaxation whether for breakfast or dinner, it doesn’t really matter.