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Next on Deck: The Future of Health and Wearable Tech

Fitness apps are not new. But frankly most of the apps that are related to health and fitness record one type of data and provide a single metric. That is why it is not surprising to have several apps that would be tracking various metrics. One app is devoted to tracking sleeping patterns. One app is for the exercise regimen. One app is to monitor the burned calories. And another app will be tracking the steps one makes. All of these apps are bound to make one crazy because there is no single app that can do it all. But thanks to innovation this will change soon.

The future of health and wearable tech

Endomondo Fitness App on iPhone 5The future of health and wearable tech starts with the operating system itself. Most of the apps that are available in most app stores have their own bubble. The data is not shared across the board even if they are living in the same device which is sad. A person needs to sift through the apps just to learn about a certain metric. It can be frustrating that you will not be able to learn how your fitness regimen, eating and sleep are doing without switching from one app to another. This is the reason why fitness app makers are constantly trying to incorporate all the facets of health into one app which has one goal—to improve one’s wellbeing.

The coming of the wearable tech

Last year we have heard about Microsoft designing a bra for the ladies that are conscious about binge eating. Binge eating is pretty serious as it can increase one’s levels of stress and anxiety which can also result in obesity and other chronic diseases that can cause premature death if not health problems to the major organs of the body. Early in 2014, we have heard about Google designing a contact lens that can measure the amount of sugar in the tears so that diabetics would no longer need to prick and get some blood sample to check the blood sugar. We also heard about smart insoles in your shoes that can track the number of steps. These innovations represent the future of wearable tech—designed and made specifically to make humans healthier.

For more knowledge on tools and apps that will help you with your health problems, feel free to check out Calm Clinic vimeo site.

photo by: HealthGauge