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Neck Liposuction Described

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Neck liposuction, as the name suggests, is the procedure or surgery which removes fat from neck. The main area which is mostly targeted in neck liposuction is the double chin or jowls. Before you decide to get rid of your double chin this way, you have to completely understand the process, side effects, and results of liposuction procedures.

Our face is our identity. We are recognized by how our face looks. Each face is different from another. The beauty of a person is measured by how our face looks. Making any changes in the structure or appearance in your face is obviously a big decision.

If done correctly neck liposuction can give you a new and younger look. You must keep in mind that neck liposuction will not remove the rippled look but only the fat. New techniques have made this process easier and with fewer side effects.

Neck liposuction procedure is very simple. First a surgeon will mark specific areas on your neck from where fat is to be removed. Then depending upon the technique used a small cannula is inserted in to the skin to break down the fat deposits. The fat is then sucked out through the cannula. The incisions made are very small and barely noticeable.

As miraculous as the procedure may sound there are few things which you should be fully aware of. The results of neck liposuction are not visible immediately. It might take you up to six weeks to see any noticeable changes. Treatments like laser and ultrasonic liposuction aid in the production of collagen, which enhances skin tightening. However if the fat deposits are too great there might be skin sagging. Doctors often recommend that you go for a neck lift surgery as well or afterwards. This way they can nip away the extra skin.

Mostly neck liposuction procedures are outpatient procedures and are performed under local anesthesia but if you are also opting for neck lift then general anesthesia is required. You will have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

The cost of neck liposuction varies from a person to person. Only a doctor can give you a correct estimate after examining your skin type and age.