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Nampa: Small Town Living With A Big City Future

Nampa, ID is a city in the middle of a huge forward leap. The populations alone has grown 62% since 2000 to over 83,000. It may not be as big as as nearby Boise, Idaho but it has its own charms and it is attracting quite a number of new residents. Nampa sits in an ideal location within the Treasure Valley along the Interstate 84 where it started as a small railroad town. Its population has been growing at a rapid rate during the past few years due to favorable conditions in the area with local government making it attractive for businesses to relocate there. This has led to a lot of developments and more job opportunities for the locals.

photocrawl_deer_flats-013One good reason for moving here is that the properties are reasonably priced and generally less than other areas. Renting units is another solid option for those who are not ready to make a purchase. There are excellent companies specializing in property management in Nampa. Even though the influx of people is causing prices to marginally go up, Nampa is still generally cheaper than Boise. Bargains are out there but getting to them first requires quick action. The lucky ones will find out that living in Nampa provides some financial relief when it comes to household expenses. The cost of essential utilities and food items are pleasantly low. In fact, a study found that the cost of living in the city is 8.3% lower than the average around the country.

Another thing that draws people in is the excellent weather in the region. Nampa tends to get a lot of sun throughout the year. Active individuals can take advantage of this fact to go out and explore the outdoors as much as they can. Locals love to go hiking, fishing, and hunting on clear sunny days. Snow falls during winter but usually just a few inches at a time. The focus then shifts to skiing with a lot of ski resorts nearby. Rain is uncommon and rather light when it comes.

Finally, there are plenty of great amenities around the city. Great shopping and theaters with everything from Costco to Best Buy. There are great parks, swimming pools, schools, hospitals, commercial areas, and other public spaces. The Idaho Center which is an excellent entertainment venue with concerts and sporting events while the Nampa Recreation Center is a wonderful venue for all types of sports.

photo by: Seth Lemmons