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My Wife Gets Sewing Pattern Downloads

My wife has always been a craftsy person. She has made a baby blanket for each of our kids. These blankets have become special gifts. Our kids treasure these gifts and refuse to go to sleep without them. After the success of the baby blankets, my wife was anxious to follow up her blankets with another special gift. To this end, she went online to look forĀ sewing pattern downloads. She was especially interested in patterns for pajama pants, but she was open to other projects as well. My wife found quite a variety of patterns for pajama pants. She wanted to make pajama pants for our two girls as well as pants for our two boys. She wanted the girls’ pants to be different than the boys.

In the end, she decided to go with a pattern that included ruffles at the ankles for the girls and a standard pattern for the boys. Having chosen what she needed, my wife downloaded her sewing patterns. She was impressed with how easy the process for finding her patterns was, but she at first had doubts about the usability of her patterns. Those doubts were erased as she began using herĀ sewing pattern downloads. She told me one afternoon that she was so happy with the way things had gone with these sewing patterns that she was thinking about looking for more. Bolstered by her success with sewing pattern downloads, my wife went online to look for more sewing pattern downloads.

She found some patterns for sock monkeys and decided that each of our kids just had to have one. This time I had my doubts. I knew that my wife was great with sewing together blankets and pajama pants, but I had reservations about whether or not she could make a three dimensional stuffed animal. There were a couple of hang-ups along the way, but my wife soldiered on and was successful in creating her sock monkeys. Just like the blankets and pants before them, the sock monkeys were a huge hit with our children. Not only do our children insist on having these sock monkeys with them for bedtime, but they often carry their sock monkeys with them during the day. My wife’s latest project has taken her beyond items that can slept in, worn to bed, or snuggled with while in bed. Just last week, she went online to look for yet another batch of sewing pattern downloads.

This time she wants to make some shorts for our children to wear through the summer. We don’t have the best selection of clothing in the small town where we live, and my wife is not happy with how short the shorts are that she has found in the stores here. In an effort to buy our kids more modest shorts to wear, my wife has once again decided to download sewing patterns that fit her ideas about what will look good on our kids. My wife tells me that she has found the perfect patterns, and I am excited to see what she will come up with this time.

My wife’s sewing is a real blessing to our home. She enjoys her projects immensely. She like being able to put her skill in sewing to good use. My children enjoy receiving gifts that they have watched their mom make for them. I like the savings of creating handmade clothing and stuffed animals for our kids. Going to a store to buy designer clothes is a real challenge for us. By finding sewing patterns online, we save ourselves money to spend on other fun family activities. I am so glad that my wife is able to download all the sewing patterns she needs.

photo by: Nosey Nest