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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes: Which is Better?

If you have a good old-fashioned manual toothbrush and you are trying to decide whether you need to upgrade to an electric toothbrush, you should read on. The electric toothbrush has been around since the 1980′s and it was not until the mid-80′s that the ever-popular sonic technology was developed. All of the newfangled products on the market may overwhelm you and you might wonder what is so bad about brushing manually. Learn if electric toothbrushes are really better for oral health and decide if it is time to upgrade.

How Does Electric Brushing Compare to Manual Brushing?

The entire purpose of the toothbrush is to stimulate the gums and remove plaque and bacteria buildups. Dentist professionals believe that you can maintain good oral health with the manual toothbrush if you know how to use it. Manual toothbrushes are affordable and easy to find. They are also easy to travel with and do not put a lot of pressure on the teeth and gums. With all of this being said, electric toothbrushes may be good in some situations. If you have difficulty getting your teeth clean with a manual brush and you brush frequently, you might want to consider an electric brush so you can reach those pesky areas. If you have difficulty moving the arms, shoulders, and hands, you may also benefit from these devices.

As you can see, manual toothbrushes can do the job if you know how to use them properly. You also need to find the right dental floss types and floss on a regular basis. Some of the sonic toothbrushes on the market also come with floss picks so you floss and brush with the same application. Decide what you can afford and which toothbrush you are most comfortable with so you can improve your oral hygiene.

photo by: pau.artigas