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Making your Sunglasses Cool with Round Clips

Many individuals who wear prescription glasses are flustered with the fact that they cannot use one that provides protection when going outdoors. To correct this issue, clip on sunglasses have been designed. Do not be baffled because this is not a pair sunglasses as a whole, rather, it is a pair lenses adjoined to the prescription glasses which will then offer protection. A popular type is the round-clip which obviously emanates as a clip in round shape to be used in spectacles.

However, round clips are not the only type existing. There are other various classes as well which may also prove to be beneficial.

Since prescription glasses do not only appear in round shapes, clips must also compensate by providing other shapes as well. Nonetheless, two of the other common clip shapes are square and oval clips.

Aside from the shapes, clips can also modify to the way they are connected to the prescription glasses. There are the standard and also the magnetic types of clips belonging to this genre. With regards to the standard ones, the clips are usually attached amidst the two lenses, at the bridge to be exact. While on the other hand, magnetic clips are what they call invisible clips due to their quality that they are connected not at the bridge, but at the frames through fastening.

Whichever type of clip you choose to purchase, both of them assimilates the ability to protect the user’s eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet ray. This is achieved since these clips have special layers that grant the protection from the glare. Furthermore, a variety of shades and colors are also available to have a vast array of choices to offer to the buyer.

In acquiring a clip, you have to make sure that the shape of your prescription glasses is congruent to the shape of the clip. Doing this, it is guaranteed that clips attached to your glasses will not be dropped even when engaging in other activities outside.