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Looking For A Glass Dining Table

Ordinary greys
Creative Commons License photo credit: lepiaf.geo

I’ve been looking through catalogs for weeks for a glass dining table. I never thought it would be so difficult to find what I need.

Most of the tables I’ve seen are round. I’ve seen some that are oval. None of those is what I need. I’ve even called a couple 1-800 numbers and you’d never believe what those operators tell me.

First of all they usually tell me that they know nothing about the products.  They just answer the phones and transfer calls to various extensions.

I’ve asked, “Who can I speak with who can tell me about oblong glass tables?”

Once this guy asked me,“How do you spell that?”

“Oblong?  It’s O-B-L-O-N-G.”

He asked, “What language is that?”

I said, “It means longer than it is wide.”

He said, “Man, you really know some stuff, lady.”

“Thank you. Now can you give me the extension of the person who knows about long glass tables?”

“We don’t do that, ma’am. I’d get fired.”