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Installing the Honda Navigation DVD 2012

Honda cars are one of the World’s most popular brands of vehicle, serving millions of car journeys each and every day.  Many owners of the Honda range use a GPS device to get them to their destination on time and with minimum fuss, and this is helped by the fact that some of the models will come with a factory-installed GPS that sits within the dashboard unit.  The Honda GPS products are known to be very reliable, but there is an issue with them – in so far that the maps will become out of date because they are pre-loaded software on the device.

Honda Navigation DVD 2012 Installation Tips

This is why Honda produce something called the Honda Navigation DVD, and the latest release for this update came out in September of this year – so is now available to purchase online – direct and official from the Honda Navigation Store.  If you have bought the Honda Navigation DVD 2012 and don’t know how to install it, then read on for some very easy to follow instructions.

Switch on Ignition and Insert New Disc

Firstly you will need to make sure that the ignition is switched on as this will activate the Honda GPS.  Once you have done that eject the existing DVD and place the new Navigation DVD into the disc tray.  You will then be prompted to enter your own unique customer un-lock code which will be printed on the packaging on a small white sticker.

Enter Your Unique Customer Key

Enter your code and the Honda Navigation DVD will start to install, only occasionally asking you to confirm a command with either Yes or No.  The whole install process should take no longer than 20 minutes, and once complete will notify you on the GPS display.

You will then be ready to drive your Honda again with renewed confidence that every single street and road that you drive down should be visible on the GPS screen.

photo by: Travis Isaacs