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I Never Thought Of A Glass Top Dining Table

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tschäff

Before I came here on vacation I had never thought of having a glass top dining table, but since I’ve been wandering around in the French Quarter, I’ve had several epiphanies. The people in this town really know how to decorate with imagination. I’ve walked into several patios with bubbling fountains  where I’ve seen glass tables surrounded by ferns. Very cozy spots to have coffee and beignets. Another thing you see a lot of in the French Quarter are strip clubs–you know, like ‘take off your clothes’ clubs. I don’t mean antique furniture stripping. I had a couple peeks into the Naked Kitten and my curiosity had been aroused. My wife said she wanted to take a nap before we went out later so I figured this was my opportunity. The Naked Kitten had just opened.  I was lucky to get a front row seat. An exotic young woman was dancing on top of a round glass table in the middle of the stage. Suddenly there was a loud cracking sound and the table split.