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I Like My Glass Table and Chairs

The Three Musketeers
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dennis Wong

I have a glass table and chairs and I like them a lot. Last week one night George came over. He just walked in with a 6-pack of beer and plopped himself down at the glass table in the dining room. I didn’t like this. Why was he here? He said, “Hey, girl, what’s it going to be tonight?  I’m really hungry.  I know I’m late, but you’re kinda slow so everything should work out. I brought this 6-pack so I wouldn’t die of starvation.” I told him I hadn’t been to the grocery and the refrigerator was empty. He couldn’t expect me to whip up something just like that. Then I saw the beers on my beautiful glass table making a big wet spot. Something just exploded in my brain.”George, leave now. I have no food. I think you’re rude and you are ruining my table.” I grabbed the 6-pack and tossed it into the trash on top of rotting vegetables. You know how rotten potatoes smell! Nothing worse!