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How to Remove Black Mold

Would you know how to remove black mold if you ever ran across the toxic substance? When I was first exposed to the black mold, I had no clue what the stuff was. Then as the months progressed and the problem grew, I learned from many of my relatives what they thought would remove the nasty stuff and that of course is bleach.

However, over the years scientists have learned that bleaching is simply not enough. Sure it will kill any molds that are lurking above, but it can’t penetrate mold that are hidden below the surface. Plus, bleach can wreak havoc on your lungs if you accidentally breathe it in. Not to mention the fact that it isn’t very environmental friendly.

Instead, it’s suggested that a commercial product that is meant to remove black mold be used. There are many great products now available on the market and even better is the fact that many of them are environmentally safe. The only downfall is the cost. However, think about this. You could spend an unlimited amount of money trying to get rid of the deadly toxin using a bleach and risk losing your house or life in the process or you could buy a product that will wipe the stuff out in one shot. I think the choice is obvious.