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How to make Non slip socks

Socks to warm our feet when it’s cold can pose a danger when we have to walk around the house on smooth surfaces. Wearing socks on the floor can become quite slippery and may even cause injury if the wearer falls. To alleviate this you can either purchase some cheap non slip socks or you can make your own. It is inexpensive to make your own, does not require a lot of time and is a great project for kids. The items you will need are socks, puffy paint, scissors, a pencil and cardboard.

How To Make Non Slip Socks

Socks for me!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tamsin Slater

Begin with a pair of clean socks which have been washed and dried. They may be any color you want. Put a piece of the cardboard on the floor and place one foot on it. With the pencil trace the outline of that foot on to the card. Now place the other foot on to another piece of cardboard and do the same thing again. Use your scissors to cut out the two foot-shaped pieces. Fit one of those pieces into each sock in the same way your foot would fit into the sock. This gives you a smooth flat surface at the bottom to work with.

Choose The Design

Select the color or colors and the design that you want to paint on the bottom of the socks. There is an endless choice of designs including zigzag lines, dots, flowers, hearts, little pictures or anything you can create. Apply the paint in the desired design beginning with one sock and then recreating the pattern on the next sock. The raised lines formed by the puffed up paint is what gives the socks traction transforming them into non slip socks which prevents you from falling on slippery floors.


Allow several hours for the paint to dry completely so it will stay on the fabric and not come out in the wash. Once the paint is dry, wash the socks using a low heat setting as high heat will cause the paint to crack and peel. Lay the socks flat to dry or dry them on a low heat setting. Wear your new non slip socks and enjoy. Also check out slouch socks for a different way to wear your socks.