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How to Get the Right Plumber for a Small Job

If you need to call an Atlanta plumber but are not sure that you will be able to find one to take on a job that is as minor as yours, there are several sure things that you can do to get the right professional to take the task on. You should first determine whether or not you can handle the problem on your own. Many homeowners are quick to hire service providers simply because they are afraid to test their skills in home repairs.

Minor drain clogs can often be remedied with a simple solution of white vinegar and baking soda. The baking soda or sodium bicarbonate should be poured onto the drain first. This will usually settle at the bottom of the water that has not passed out of the bathtub or sink that is clogged. Once there is a nice accumulation of this fine white powder on the drain surface, many organic items will begin to clear.

The next step that you can take is to pour white vinegar on top of the clog. Once this liquid comes in contact with the soda, it will start to bubble up. These bubbles mean that the solution is working. After several minutes, the clog may be cleared and water will be able to flow freely again.

If your garbage disposal is broken you should always make sure that the power is turned fully off. You can place the handle of a sturdy cooking spoon into the disposal and use this to try to free the bottom plates, by forcing them in a clockwise circle. You can also reach down into the unit to remove any debris that might be preventing normal movement, but again, the power should be off.

If none of these things are the problems you are experiencing you should look for an Atlanta plumber who charges for labor on an hourly basis. These contractors will not charge less than a minimum amount of hours, however, if your issue requires a less than sixty minutes to complete, you are likely to be charged for only one hour of service. You will also, however, have to pay the costs for any necessary materials that are supplied.