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How To Get Rid of Back Pain With An Inversion Table

Do you suffer from back pain? If so, then I’m sure you have heard of thousands of ways to help you reduce your pain and to allow you to move freely again. While many techniques and stretches exist, one that has gained popularity the last couple of years is the inversion table.

água para salvar você
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lucas Schuch

The inversion table has become very popular for many reasons. While many of these reasons are scientific, there really is no better reason that the simple fact that your back feels much better after using it. Not only have I spoken with and seen this positive effect from many people, but I also tried it out to see how it would help me and my back and neck pain.

What I found not only astounded me, but it also converted me to using an inversion table for inversion therapy ever since. After just a few 5 minute sessions on the best inversion table I could tell the difference, and I would strongly encourage anyone out there who is wondering if an inversion table is right for you to speak with your doctor and find out.