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How to Choose the Right Dental Floss

Flossing is important for oral health. You must have good brushing and flossing habits if you want to avoid getting gum disease later on in life. The key to flossing is making time to floss and also choosing the right dental floss to use. Learn how to find the right dental floss to use daily and make sure you have enough time in the morning and the evening to floss and then brush your teeth.

What Types of Floss Are Available?

There is not just one floss that you can buy that will deliver magic benefits. There are several different types of floss you can choose from and the type of floss you buy will make a big difference. Here are some tips on what type of floss you should buy:

1. Ultra Floss: This is perfect for people with varying spaces between their teeth. It stretches for thin gaps and can be made thicker for those teeth that are further apart.

2. Unwaxed: Opt for no wax when teeth are not too close together.

3. Tape: For people with large spaces between their teeth.

4. Waxed: Opt for waxed floss when the spaces between your teeth are very tight.

5. Flossing Picks: Picks are great when it is difficult to reach the back teeth and wrapping the floss around your fingers hurts.

The key is choosing a floss made with fluoride. This way, you will not damage your gums while you are flossing and you will make your teeth even stronger and feel better. Make sure you consider the space between your teeth and also ask your dentist for advice if you are confused. You might want to try out samples and then go from there. Make flossing your daily habit and do it twice a day to reduce your chances of getting gum disease.