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How Can Mobile Apps Enhance Your Business?

All’s fair in love, war and business. Given the hyper dynamic arena that every business has to play in, it makes perfect sense to use every tool possible to get ahead. Hiring the right people, fostering innovation, keeping an eye on the future and harnessing the power of technology are all some of the ways in which a businessman can make a difference in the industry that he occupies. One emerging area of technology is mobile applications. There is a mouth-watering array of mobile applications that can go a long way in enhancing your business. The trick is in knowing which ones to choose!

One of the ways in which to navigate the space is to divide the world of mobile applications for business into two categories

  • Those that help you connect with the customer and promote your brand and business to them and
  • Those that would help you get your own business processes in order and to improve the way your organization functions.

For instance, there are over 1 billion smart phones and they are used by customers for Internet searches and for using various applications. Therefore, if you use a mobile application that reaches such customers, then the chances of enhancing your brand visibility are pretty high.

One of the most effective mobile applications to use would be the ones that help you take your office with you wherever you go. Having access to the documents you use, the projects you manage and the presentations that you need to offer to your target audience is a huge advantage. With mobile applications, you need not be bound to a desk or a particular physical space.

Travel the world and your office will travel with you. Staying in touch with the customer is vital. The customer, in today’s borderless world, is not going to be too concerned about office hours! Therefore using mobile applications to stay in touch with your customers and serve their requirements of information, service queries and offering promotional campaigns is critical.

Another very effective ways in which mobile applications can enhance your business is through marketing. The reach and effectiveness of that little handheld smart phone is immense! So you do not really have to spend a vast amount of money via billboards, point-of-purchase promotions and even television commercials. It would be safe to say that these methods of promotions are outdated.

By using mobile applications that can push messages on to a smart phone, you will be ensuring that your brand gets high visibility and more importantly high recall.

SMS or text messages and even multimedia messages are hugely popular with smart phone users. In fact, even a “non-smart phone” has texting capability! So using a text message to deliver creatively designed brand messages and promotional offers is one of the best ways in which you can encourage customer loyalty and enhance your business.

It works the other way around as well. If an application allows a customer to get in touch with you then he is going to have a greater buy in as far as your business and your brand is concerned.

The post is written by Vishal Gumber from Appsquare—One of Australia’s prominent mobile app development companies.


photo by: Johan Larsson