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Home Plumber: Using a Home Maintenance Program

Are you being attacked by your plumbing fixtures? Do those dripping faucets keep you awake at night? There is a solution you should consider. An experienced plumber is only a phone call away. He will respond to your home during the day or night, seven days a week. Whether you have some severe crises taking place or are just bothered by the incessant drip, drip, dripping of the faucet, your friend in the plumbing business will know what to do.

There are numerous plumbing fixtures inside your home. They include the sump pump, water heater, food disposer, and air conditioner system. Also, you have hundreds of feet of piping running under your floors and in your walls and ceiling. At any moment during the day, you could suffer problems from any one of these systems. Fortunately, these are hardy fixtures and don’t often break. However, being mechanical, they are prone to aging and wear. For this reason, your local plumbing specialist remains on call to assist if something goes wrong.

There are a number of measures you can take to keep your plumbing fixtures up-to-date and well-maintained. If you don’t already have an established preventive maintenance program for your home, you should consider instituting one. It is very easy and will provide a progressive approach to upkeep of your home’s utilities. Here are some suggestions.

  • Water Heater. Keep debris clear of the burner area which is located at the base of your unit. Check to make sure the top vents are clear of obstructions. Flush your tank and replace your anode rod every few years.
  • Food Disposer. Do not put vegetable and fruit peelings and rinds into the food disposer. Clean your unit by running a few sections of peeled lemon through the system every week.
  • Air Conditioner. Keep the evaporator and condenser clean. Your AC is a closed system which means that it must be fixed and maintained by a knowledgeable service technician.

For any complicated or difficult problems, contact your local plumber.

photo by: jronaldlee