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Here’s a Proposal – Forget Tradition and Think Blue Diamonds

When that time comes to shakily drop down on one knee, anxiety churning in your gut, your heart bursting with emotion, why not surprise her, I mean really surprise her, by thinking outside the (jewelry) box, forsaking tradition and offering up – a stunning blue diamond?

Natural colored diamonds are rarities in the gem world, highly prized and exorbitantly expensive. They are the stuff jewelry dreams are made of – the hardest, most dazzling gem twinkling in technicolor. This year, a 7-carat blue diamond sold at auction for around $9.5 million – the highest ever paid per carat. There is no telling what the arguably most famous blue diamond, the 45.52 carat Hope Diamond, would fetch if sold – or if a price could even be put on the historic stone.

But don’t sweat it there, Jack. Natural blue diamonds are so rare, most jewelers will go through their entire lives never laying eyes on one. But technology has enabled the ability to turn undesirably hued, but otherwise high quality diamonds, into vibrant little visual masterpieces. Blue diamond engagement rings are not cheap, for sure, as the expensive enhancing process adds to the cost of the gem. But this is your future bride we’re talking about here – isn’t she worth it?