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Futons – Cheap Mattresses That Can Actually Last

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tim Patterson

The forums and review sites are littered with unhappy customers who have bought a cheap mattress only to find that it has sagged, is too smelly or noisy or has simply become unusable because it’s fallen apart. Perhaps if these people had taken the time to research what they were buying there would be fewer complaints, because there are cheap mattresses out there that can last a good while, provide excellent comfort levels and can even add other benefits to the household – for example, futons.

Since they were first introduced from Japan, where they have been used as a temporary bedding solution for centuries, futons have seen many incarnations. No longer are they just a mattress; most Americans use them with a frame that can be assembled normally using an Alan key. This frame may just serve as a bed base or it may be one that doubles as a sofa or chair frame. So when it is not being used as a bed the futon can actually act as a furniture item which can be a great space-saving benefit in tight, inner city living environments.

They are also economical; the average futon is made of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend; there are no springs or memory foam, so this immediately keeps costs down. Of course the mattress will flatten out over time, but turning and flipping the mattress will help keep it in good condition; still the likelihood is that the frame will outlast the mattress and you can always just replace the mattress in a few years, if that’s the case.

Make sure you get one with a good wooden or metal frame – whether you are buying it as a sofa-bed, just a plain bed that you keep in the spare room, or whether you intend to sleep on it yourself. Good futon mattress reviews should also point you towards the best quality frames, as well as the mattresses.