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Futon Mattress – Which Frame to Get?

Creative Commons License photo credit: eflon

Nowadays, space is becoming a great concern for everyone. Since homes are becoming less spacious, getting the right furniture is something that many have to do. Those huge bulky beds we used to have when growing up aren’t so popular anymore.  The futon mattress has now become the way to save on ones’ space.  This kind of furniture allows you to fold your bed into couch. This gives you a smaller piece of furniture to deal with that will likely fit into any room easily.

The number of folds your futon can fold into will depend on the kind of frame it has. This means that you should know what frame to get for your room. There are mainly three kinds of frames you can choose from:

The first and most common frame for futons is the bi-fold frame. This frame is divided into two parts. If you think about a normal couch, the way the frame is divided usually is between the sitting area and the back rest. The advantage of this frame is that it can easily be converted since it only requires the back part to recline and join the sitting area.

The second frame is good for extremely small areas since it can fold in three areas. The problem with this is that they aren’t very comfortable since a rather thin futon mattress is needed. They are also a little hard to convert.

Lastly is the frame that uses two mattresses to fit the bed. It’s commonly referred to as the loveseat futon frame.  They are usually used in guest rooms or offices since they can save space well.

Before making your choice on your futon mattress, know which of the three frames you find to be suitable for your needs.  With this in mind, you will be more ready to find the best piece.