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Futon Covers – Practical Or Not?

To be practical, a futon needs at the very least one futon cover. Though one of the greatest benefits to having a futon is that you can have multiple futon covers that can all be removed, and swapped.

Having several futon covers opens a lot of doors in terms of what you can do with your furniture. The tired everyday futon cover that the dogs love to lay on can be put away and you can bring out pristine the leather futon cover for special occasions.

Furniture can be very expensive and in general you are stuck with one static piece from the moment you buy it till the time you get rid of it. Not with futon covers. You can buy a whole bunch of cheap futon mattress covers and not break the bank, and each one can completely transform your futon and the room it resides in!

Futon covers come in all different patterns and materials so you can always find one that will meet your design needs.

futon - free to good home
Creative Commons License photo credit: craa22uk