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French Girls

When you stop to think about it, French girls are very popular with the men of the world. Some think that French girls don’t shave, and are turned off by this. But most men don’t seem to mind even hairy French girls, who seem to have an unfair advantage over other women. For one, they reside in the country where the fashion capital of the world- Paris- is found, and for another they speak the language of love, a title that no other language claims. Names from some of the most far flung places on the earth don’t equal the exotic and sultry sound of some popular french girl names. And everyone knows of gorgeous French girls like Audrey Tautou and Emmanuelle Beart, whose beauty is more than just ‘pretty’.
But there might be a darker side to beauty as found in France. Some feel that there is one very narrowly defined standard of beauty, and that you must have a certain physique, as well as a certain skin color (white) to really be considered beautiful in France. According to some, all the women in France want to be ‘jolie’, or pretty, and what is ‘jolie’ does not tolerate much diversity. Now, this may be one person’s opinion or experience of life in France and the reality may be different. But lest we lose ourselves too much in the adoration of the adorable French girl, let’s remember that beauty can be skin deep in France, too.
To get under the surface a bit, it can be helpful to know a bit about French girl names and meanings. It’s at least something to go on if you’ve just met a French woman and are trying to understand something about her. Since a lot of names are shared between French and English speaking cultures, knowing about French girls names and meanings can be a point of reference, or a reason to feel connected.