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Free Crappie Fishing Videos Online

If you are a crappie fishermen, then you’re well aware of how much fun this can be. Crappie are a species of panfish, but they grow to much larger sizes than their cousins. Commonly referred to as “slabs,” crappie are a favorite species sought by many anglers. What is great about fishing for crappie is the fact that the limits are usually quite high at most fishing locations, as well as the size of these fish. It is not uncommon to catch a slab that approaches 1 pound in weight. The larger crappie will make fine filets for fish fry. Coupled with large limits, an afternoon on the lake might yield enough slabs for a party.

Crappie Fishing Techniques

Creative Commons License photo credit: finchlake2000

There are few crappie fishing techniques that you’ll need to think about before going on your next fishing trip. Crappie are predatory fish. This means that they eat small fish and minnows just as soon as they can fit them in their mouth. Because they are predatory, it is important to think about what types of lures and jigs you will be using. Small spinners and plastic jigs that mimic baitfish will lure the larger slabs out of their hiding places during the day. When fishing for crappie, it is important to note that they’re more active around dawn and dusk. On sunny days, they retreat to the shadows of submerged logs, brush piles, and rocks.

Crappie Fishing Videos

If you are a beginner, it might be advantageous for you to watch a few free crappie fishing videos online. If you go to a site like YouTube, type in the search “crappie fishing.” There are many different crappie fishing videos available on YouTube. These videos will help you to see techniques that are helpful in landing big slabs. There are other sites online that will provide you with crappie fishing videos, and it might especially be useful for you to search for videos that explain which types of lures use as well as where to fish.