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Frame Wall Art Creations That Inspire

If you have a boring wall in your home, figuring out how to decorate it can be a challenging process. Frame wall art is a popular decorative approach to a boring wall. If you have a Pinterest account, you can gain a lot of wonderful ideas on how to get started with frame wall art. Some people choose to leave several plain frames on the wall where others choose to add pictures, flowers, and other elements to the wall.

Finding the Right Frames

frameoldrosesA unique decorative approach is to take several frames. You will need to purchase multiple cans of colored spray paint (depending upon how eccentric you want to be) and clear coat to seal in the paint. Use a hand sander or sandpaper to help you remove the older stain, paint, or lacquer finish on the frames. Once the frames are completely sanded, you can begin painting them. Spray each frame a different color. Try using bright colors like hot pink to teal to give a boring room a facelift. If you want to get really creative, spray a lighter color on top of the darker color. Some people even gently flick paint onto the frame to give it a speckled look. Always wait until the paint is dry before you apply the clear-coat sealant to the frame.

Arranging the Frames

Once the frames are dry, arrange them into a unique pattern on the floor. This can give you an idea of multiple layout options for your wall. Once you have an idea in mind, mark your wall with pencil. You will need to use a tape measure to get the exact dimensions so your frames are properly hung. If you do not want to use a hammer and nails to secure the frames in place, there are new products on the market for picture hanging. Picture hanging strips and hooks are a popular option for hanging pictures without nails.

Pictures or Blank

The overall concept will not include pictures in the frames, just the frames alone. It is a unique way to decorate an entry-way wall or a wall that you feel needs an extra touch. A fun way to add another element to the wall is to place pictures in a few of the frames. This can help to break up the look of just frames. Some people even choose to add a small shelf to the middle of the wall and add flowers to give the wall a little more personality.

Points to Remember

Frame wall art is definitely a modern decorating approach and a unique way to express your personality to others. If you plan on sanding and repainting a wall before you add the frames, you will need a hand sander. Test your sander to make sure it is working before you begin, or it can cause you to have an injury. You can find replacement parts for a hand sander here. It is also important to wear safety goggles and to make sure the room is correctly ventilated while sanding the walls.

This simple home decor project will only cost you $10 or less. If you head over to some flea markets, garage sales, and discount stores, you will be able to find a large variety of frames to choose from.

photo by: frannie60