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First Calgary Dentist Appointment: Chipped Baby Tooth

I just want to document an experience we had with our daughter for any parents out there who are facing a similar dilemma. When our daughter was two, she had an accident in the bathtub. We had just given her a bath and I had drained all the water from the tub. I realized that I had forgotten to grab a diaper, so I left the bathroom for a few seconds with her still in the empty tub. I heard a bang and came running back in to find her crying with a little blood on her lip. She had slipped on the bottom of the tub which was still very wet. We calmed her down and washed the blood off of her lip. After a few minutes she seemed fine, so we thought nothing more of it. Off to bed she went.

The next morning, I went in to my daughter’s room to get her out of her crib. She was smiling at me with this big, toothy smile, and I noticed that something didn’t look quite right in her mouth. Upon further examination, I discovered that part of her front upper tooth was missing. It wasn’t a huge piece, but just enough to notice. I figured she must have hit it when she slipped in the tub the night before. Wanting to make sure her tooth would be healthy, I quickly called our Calgary dentist and scheduled an appointment for her. This was her first trip to the dentist and I was quite nervous about what to expect.

Our Calgary dentist and his team were absolutely wonderful with our daughter. The hygienist told her she wanted to count her teeth, and our daughter excitedly opened wide. She then explained that she needed to clean them and make them sparkle, and my daughter willingly obliged. Next came the x-rays. Those were a bit more tricky, as my squirmy little two-year-old couldn’t seem to hold still. Once the x-rays were complete, our Calgary dentist came in to assess the damage.

The x-rays weren’t quite clear enough to be sure, but he said it did look like the chip had reached the inner part of the enamel that is subject to decay. He recommended we fill the chip in order to protect her baby tooth. He did warn us, however, that it could break again quite easily. Two-year-olds tend to use their teeth to bite and pull things, so the possibility of a second chip was high. We decided to go ahead and allow him to do the filling. My daughter was less excited about that part, and it took quite a bit of struggle to hold her down long enough for the dentist to do his work. I worried about whether or not he would be able to get a good bond, but after all was said and done, it looked great.

Two weeks after the appointment I noticed that the filling in my daughter’s tooth was missing. Sure enough, she had re-chipped the tooth, and I had no idea when it had happened. We made a second appointment with the Calgary dentist to find out what we should do next. After looking at the tooth and studying her x-rays again, he suggested that we leave it as is. He told us that if we kept it very clean and were diligent about brushing, it would probably be okay. After all, this particular tooth would be one of the first to go when she started losing baby teeth in a few years. We agreed that this was probably the best route. She is now five years old, and while the chipped tooth has since died and is slightly discolored, it hasn’t given her any problems. She’ll be losing it soon, and we’re looking forward to seeing a nice new tooth in its place.

photo by: AndrewEick