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Experienced Plumber: Responding to Pipe Problems

Have you ever suffered a serious crisis in your life–something like a broken water main in your kitchen? Did you remember the feeling of utter panic as you tried to stop the water? Perhaps you scrambled for the phone number for the nearest plumber in Phoenix. If you are like most people, you could not remember where you put that number, but it’s possible you remember seeing it recently!

Major plumbing problems such as a broken water line are quite rare. Pipes are made of strong materials that do not often break if they are installed correctly. However, there are occasions where malfunctions do happen. These most often occur at pipe joints and elbows.

Another pipe problem can be serious clogs. These often occur in traps and in uneven spots located in long pipe runs. For example, pretend your kitchen is located at one end of your long home. Your sewer stacks are located at the other end. That means the pipe carrying your kitchen waste has to travel nearly the full length of your home to reach the sewer. It is possible to have low spots in that long length of drain pipe. That is where clogs are likely to occur.

If you see water spraying from under your wall or your ceiling, that is a good indicator that you have serious pipe problems. The first thing to do is shut off your main water supply. Then contact your local plumber in Phoenix. It is always a good idea to have that phone number handy. You might consider putting it on the refrigerator or somewhere it can be seen easily.

Your plumber will arrive with the proper tools to repair the pipe. This may require the use of solder and a hot torch. Thankfully, the plumbing specialist is an experienced professional and will do the job safely and correctly.

photo by: Elsie esq.