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Easy Garden Lighting With Solar Lights

Attleson Farm: Solar Lights
Creative Commons License photo credit: elisfanclub

Solar lights provide one of the easiest ways to illuminate a garden.  Since they get their power from the sun, these lights can be placed in practically any location without having to string electrical cords from light to light.  Solar lighting can improve both the aesthetics and safety of the garden.  One or more lamps may be placed in an area to focus the attention on a beautiful planting.  In other areas, lamps may be used to light the path from the home to a seating area.  Along the driveway, the lights may serve as markers to keep vehicles on the right path.

Most solar garden lighting is made up of a self-contained unit.  The unit often has the solar cell on top of the light with a battery and lamp contained inside the unit.  Some of the best lamps offer LED lights that use very little energy so that they can make the most of the energy that is stored during the day from the sunshine.

While solar light are an excellent choice in most instances, there are some cases where they are not suitable.  In areas that of heavy forestation, the lamps may not receive enough light from the sun to provide enough of a charge for the battery to operate the light.  In addition, owners in extreme northern or southern locations may find the short winter days and long winter nights prove to be too much for the solar lamp.  The battery runs out of power long before the next sunrise, leaving the home in darkness.

Solar lights are the ideal lighting solution for many homes.  The lamps are easily installed.  They can increase safety and add beauty to the home.  Other than the initial investment, these lights should give many years of trouble free lighting at no cost.