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DSL and Dial Up: A Comparison

Wireless internet differs from other internet services, because it is local networks that are operated through radio waves instead of wires. A wireless internet service can be connected to by anyone who is in the range of the broadcast, so for security you need to have a password for the network. There are numerous providers to choose from, so if you are considering getting service from a wireless internet service provider (ISP), the following tips will help you compare internet providers and choose the best provider for your needs.

Local Providers

One of the easiest ways to reduce the optional providers is to research only the wireless internet providers in your local area. Although many providers also offer service nationwide, it is often less expensive to go with a local provider as opposed to a nationwide carrier such as the company you have phone service with. In many cases, a local provider has the same well-known carrier, but can offer a discounted price to local subscribers.

Internet Speed

You should determine what internet speed will be the best suited for your needs. If you only casually use the internet to check email, you will not need a speed that is capable of handling streaming videos. The internet speed you choose will determine the cost, so if you do not intend to use the internet very often, research your options for less expensive providers, speed and service options.


There are several pricing options to choose from when selecting a wireless internet provider. It is important to do your research for any provider you are considering to make sure they offer services that are within your budget. In some cases, you can bundle your internet and cable services together for a discounted price, but if you not intend to use your internet on a regular basis, this may not be the least expensive option for you. Keep in mind that the least expensive price is not always the best price. For example, if you choose the least expensive internet provider plan, but you do not have a good connection; it isn’t worth the discounted price. The best way to determine a price within your budget is to contact at least two different providers, compare services like DSL vs dial-up, inquire about the services offered and choose which best suits your needs.