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Discover Vintage and Retro Clothes

Retro clothing for men in the United Kingdom is still trendy. There are several styles to pick from, such as mod, punk, and the upper class style from the 1940′s. A good thing about vintage clothes is that it is possible to incorporate your own touches to them, to personalize them. Lots of men begin to think about what clothes they should wear to produce their vintage appearance. The key is to consider your era before anything else.

Finding the Retro Look For You

TrafficWhen selecting your era, you should consider what kind of appearance you want. You might wish to appear like a sophisticated gentleman from the 1930′s, or you may pursue the Grease/John Travolta look. Each era has a very distinct fashion style. Whilst you can combine them, you have to take care not to go over the top and ensure you opt for retro or vintage styles which will work well together.

Use Old Clothing You Own Already

You might own some vintage clothing already. Or, your parents might have clothing that you can wear. This will allow you to save cash, whilst incorporating an authentic retro appearance. Some good advice is that you could incorporate a modern day touch by adding your present accessories to the clothes, or by combining items with one another. For instance, you might wear a smart pair of jeans with a tweed overcoat. Too much vintage clothing can make you appear dated.

Choosing an Easy Retro Look

Modern life dictates that time is precious, so you should find something that is simple to recreate. A few of the simplest options are the Grease look from the 1950′s, or the Meatloaf style from the 1980′s. There’s a chance you will own the majority of these clothes already, or if not you can purchase them easily. Each of these looks requires hair style adjustments to appear authentic.

Understand the Era

To achieve the right look, you should consider what the popular trends of your selected era were. It is easy to look this up. Just Google for photos of popular bands, celebrities and actors for this era.

Discover what well known people wore at the time, as they were the trailblazers at the pinnacle of trends. As with every era, you are bound to find many different fashions and styles, so choose one that fits your preferences and run with it. Reproducing the appearance of celebrities from any era is a sure fire method to reproduce an authentic appearance for that time.

photo by: epiclectic