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Daybed Covers for Guests and Teenagers

Daybeds are a great piece of furniture with a useful role in many households. Being both a bed and couch makes them ideal in the guest room since your visitors can relax on the daybed during the day as if it was just a normal sofa then lie down to sleep on the same piece of furniture at night.

Daybeds are also very popular with a certain age group of young adults since they spend a great deal of time in their room—playing on their laptops, watching television, and doing homework. If the room of that young person is rather small it can be hard to include a desk, couch, or decently sized laptop table. Yet, a daybed solves all of those problems. It is a fairly high level couch so that a portable table or tall tray can be pulled to the edge of it to hold a computer or books and papers associated with school work and the table can just as easily be pushed out of the way when it is time for bed. This means your teenager can easily sleep and rest without having tons of furniture blocking them into a small corner of their small room.

Daybed covers increase the versatility of your daybed. They can truly make your furniture seem like a workable couch during the day by covering up the actual daybed bedding during the day and making your furniture seem more like a couch.

The most common type of daybed cover is three sided—covering the two sides of the daybed as well as the front. Daybed spreads can also be four sided though and often feature a quilted top. The daybed cover you choose can also have varying drop levels, meaning how far down the front it reaches. If the one you particularly like is shorter than you want, a dust ruffle (also known as a bed skirt) is an easy way to fix the situation so that you cannot see the floor beneath the daybed itself.

Daybed covers come in solid colors as well as classic patterns such as plaids. It is important to get the color and pattern right so that the daybed seems to be a couch that belongs to the room and blends into its surroundings. This should not be too difficult to achieve with the number of daybed covers available for sale both in local stores as well as online.