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Choosing A Glass Table

There's some red in my dining room
Creative Commons License photo credit: RedGlow82

Good meals and great conversation make some of the best memories, and the dinner room is a classic place for friends and family to come together. Having a striking glass dining table is one of the ways to make these kinds of gatherings more appealing and more comfortable.

Not only are glass dining tables durable and easy to clean, but they also tend to flatter a small space. Being able to see through the clear top makes the entire dining area look less crowded and more restricted. As a result, the room feels more relaxing and open. In turn, people sitting at the table have the impression of being less restricted, or cramped.

Glass dining tables come in many sizes and shapes; oval or round shapes make it easier to gather a group of people. However, rectangular and square options are popular, too. In order to decide which shape and size is best for a particular dining space, shoppers should first consider how the area will be used. For examples, rounded edges are preferable if there are small children in a home. A table with sharp edges is a major safety concern for kids.

These tables actually come with variety of different edges. They can be beveled, rounded, or even have decorative patterns cut into the outer rims to create visually appealing designs. Not having sharp edges, also, makes it easier for people to rest their arms on the table without being uncomfortable.

Because it can be used as a see-through surface or covered with a tablecloth, a glass dining table is versatile. Centerpieces vary depending on the occasion. While a tablecloth is appropriate for either a formal or informal meal, place mats alone are often adequate for a casual mood. Either way, a glass table can be both beautiful and low maintenance.