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Celebrities Influence Popular Vintage and Retro Trends

Anyone who follows celebrity fashion already knows that vintage clothing is in. Recently, some of the clothing that previously would have been termed “old” is now becoming quite popular all over again.

Just take a look around at the unique fashions people are wearing and how many of them are actually wearing vintage clothing with a modern twist. Some people are even wearing vintage hairstyles, such as victory curls.

Back to the Eighties

Aygness Deyn has made it clear that the eighties are alive and well. A lot of her accessories are from that era. She’s also a fan of old hats and t-shirts. Typically she’ll mix the things she finds in second hand stores with a few high-end pieces in order to create a unique outfit.

Hop Back to the Seventies

Seventies formal and seventies hippy styles are both alive and well with many celebrities. This includes Rachel Zoe who’s particularly fond of second-hand clutch bags and poncho dresses.

Formal Vintage Clothes

Even though Rachel Zoe likes her hippy look, Drew Barrymore has actually created something that a lot of people are even more familiar with. Barrymore enjoys truly unique vintage dresses that can be found in vintage fashion stores with a bit of digging. She’s also able to combine these dresses to create a style that’s suitable for the red carpet, complete with the veils that are an accessory that she seems to be particularly fond of.

Quintessentially Retro

Probably one of the best known celebrities who’s taken to wearing vintage clothing is Dita von Teese. Her whole look is very tasteful. As a burlesque star she was already quite familiar with unique vintage clothing, including both shoes and hairstyles too. She enjoys wearing lacy accessories with large brooches that add to the retro vibe.

Quirky Accessories

Nobody is as familiar with strange quirky artefacts as Kirsten Dunst. Her most interesting piece is a roll-neck jumper that can easily be transformed into a dress when necessary. On the other hand, Katy Perry enjoys using her quirky accessories to transform into a pin-up girl. She likes to use both new and modern styles to create a unique look.

It isn’t hard to follow in celebrities’ vintage fashion footsteps today. There are numerous stores that advertise these clothes. If you’re a stickler for the real thing, then you should go on a shopping trip to second hand stores. They have a ton of great surprises just waiting for you. It takes a little time to search through everything but you’ll find the best vintage clothing this way.

Don’t forget, to successfully pull off the vintage and retro look you’re going to need to match your make with your clothes. See this guide to get some ideas about where to start.

photo by: Lorena Cupcake