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The Best Way To Clean Up Mukluks

Mukluk slippers really are some of the most comfortable house slippers on the planet. If you’ve ever worn a pair, you know I’m not making this up! They are really perfect for heating up your toes on a cold, winter afternoon. However, just what will you do whenever they get soiled (yes they do get… Continue reading »

Plus size women get the fair share of Chic and Elegance

1950's Black Eyelet Cocktail Party Dress
The plus-size industry is growing at a pleasantly fast rate, as more and more renowned fashion designers are starting to discover the huge earning potential in plus sized clothing. Designers such as John Galliano and Jean-Paul Gaultier both used plus-sized models to launch their new clothing lines in Paris during the 2006 Spring Collections. Evidently,… Continue reading »

Select Yellow Gold Ruby Earrings

L'ile aux Ashby: Ruby Heart Earrings
photo credit: fabrikade Gold in its purest form is 24 carats. But pure gold is useless as a metal for precious gems if no alloy is added to it. The alloy is necessary to make the gold useful for use in jewelry. The alloy adds strength to the gold allowing it to be shaped. Jewelry… Continue reading »

Unique Made Jewelry Boxes

girly stuff
photo credit: miss pupik If you find yourself flowing with an abundance of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, perhaps it is time you should invest in a jewelry box. There are many to choose from that are already ready to purchase but if you are not one to follow the crowd, you probably want something… Continue reading »

The Resurgence of Ladies Flat Shoes

photo credit: Jacqueline Sarah Ladies flat shoes are stylish, practical and comfortable. Even health professionals highly recommend the use of flat shoes as it is proven to be a healthier option for a woman’s legs and feet. They may have evaded the fashion limelight for a couple of years but they are now back with… Continue reading »

Where to Look for Makeup Tips and Free Beauty Samples

Getting Ready/Pre-Ceremony
Makeup is an important part of a woman’s overall look. Most women who want to look their best want to know the correct way to apply their favorite makeup and beauty products. Those new to makeup and cosmetics, like teenagers and younger women are especially interested in finding good cosmetics how-to’s and makeup tips. If… Continue reading »

Picking the Perfect Charm

photo credit: InExtremiss There are so many nice gifts that a person can pick to buy for their friends or loved ones. One special gift that is really nice and thoughtful to pick for a loved one includes bracelet charms, and sometimes, the bracelets as well. These bracelets can be made of various materials and… Continue reading »

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Great Choice For Cheap Cushion Cut Engagement rings

photo credit: tiffa130 Want that ‘one’ piece of jewelry without using up all of your savings or getting a second mortgage on your house or selling your kids? Cubic zirconia jewelry could be just what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you want a ring, a necklace, earrings. You could even get all… Continue reading »

A Fathers Guide in Buying Rain Boots

photo credit: abbilder Just like any mother, a father also has his own experiences of arduous rainy days. And like her, he realizes that obtaining rain boots of good quality is indeed a nice investment. Therefore, if any father is in search of womens rain boots or toddler rain boots, he must know what selections… Continue reading »

What to Look For When Buying a Cross Body Leather Bag

Mother's Hand Me Down
photo credit: jeamariemarien Most women have a large selection of handbags to go with every occasion. However this is not always very practical. Women should find a bag that is versatile enough to use in a number of situations. A cross body leather bag can be worn to work, on casual social occasions or when… Continue reading »

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