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The 11 Most Interesting Facts About the Origins of the Hammer

You can hammer in nails with the side, sorta.
It is safe to say that the hammer is one of the most important home maintenance tools. When you want to tear something apart, pound on walls or work on wood, the hammer may be your best sidekick. This article is an ode to the hammer. Below is a brief history of the evolution of… Continue reading »

Frame Wall Art Creations That Inspire

If you have a boring wall in your home, figuring out how to decorate it can be a challenging process. Frame wall art is a popular decorative approach to a boring wall. If you have a Pinterest account, you can gain a lot of wonderful ideas on how to get started with frame wall art.… Continue reading »

Get all your Baking Needs from The Smart Baker

If you’re someone who finds baking a fun and profitable business or a mom who has kids that love baked goodies, then finding the best baking dishes is probably no easy feat. The Smart Baker can change all of that. They have a variety of baking supplies to fit your needs and your budget. What… Continue reading »

My Wife Gets Sewing Pattern Downloads

My wife has always been a craftsy person. She has made a baby blanket for each of our kids. These blankets have become special gifts. Our kids treasure these gifts and refuse to go to sleep without them. After the success of the baby blankets, my wife was anxious to follow up her blankets with… Continue reading »

Benefits Of Using LED Growlights Indoors

Many people feel it is impossible to properly grow healthy vegetables and other plants indoors due to the lack of natural sunlight. While it may seem like this is the only option for giving plants the energy they need, you should consider purchasing LED growlights for the task. A grow light is a basic light strip using LED lights… Continue reading »

Best Cordless Drill – What Qualifies as Best?

DeWALT 12V Cordless Screwdriver
photo credit: Charles & Hudson There is no best cordless drill; it’s the user who makes the best use out of them. Getting a drill suited to your needs is more important than finding a drill that has every kind of function in it. This is why we have outlined some important things to keep… Continue reading »

Unique Made Jewelry Boxes

girly stuff
photo credit: miss pupik If you find yourself flowing with an abundance of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, perhaps it is time you should invest in a jewelry box. There are many to choose from that are already ready to purchase but if you are not one to follow the crowd, you probably want something… Continue reading »

The Basic Beat Structure of Rap Music

Do you belong to the type of people who just can’t resist rap music? Has it ever crossed your mind that you could be creating those rap beats and that means really creating the beats and not just tapping along with other people’s music? It could be you making the fantastic rap music with the… Continue reading »

Machine Embroidery Designs and Men’s Suits

mixed media sampler
photo credit: knitsteel Not too many years ago, mass produced clothing wasn’t an option. You couldn’t just get online and have someone send you a shirt that you clicked on. Instead you had to learn how to do something that today is considered rare: sew. Sewing today is in almost every way I suppose easier… Continue reading »

Where Can You Buy a Cupcake Stand?

Red and Fuchsia Wedding Cupcake Tower
photo credit: clevercupcakes If you’ve baked the most luscious, prettiest cupcakes but have not found a way to display them properly, perhaps it’s high time that you invest in a good cupcake stand. Cupcake stands are display stands which come in several tiers or layers, allowing you to display your cupcakes from all angles. These… Continue reading »

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