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Probiotic Foods that Help Ward Off Anxiety Symptoms

Cucumber pickles
Not many people are aware that probiotic foods are also helpful in staving off the symptoms of anxiety. If you are one of those people who are constantly plagued with anxiety symptoms, you might as well consider incorporating probiotic foods in your daily diet such as the following: Sausages Sausages that are rich in probiotics… Continue reading »

When anxiety becomes a health issue

We all know that anxiety is a feeling of restlessness that just can’t be denied. This is something that is actually experienced by millions of people but so few accept it as is. They keep denying they have anxiety resulting to worst conditions. When a person who is suffering from anxiety is in denial he… Continue reading »

When is your tooth ache serious?

It was 8:00am in the morning and Tame’s mouth was just a little sore. He had felt this before but the last time he had felt it was in elementary school when he was just a kid. When it happened then it was because he had been punched in the mouth by the school bully.… Continue reading »

Signs of depression on teenagers

Just recently I watched a documentary of teenage suicide in the US and how serious the statistics are. And it’s not just in the US alone; other developed countries are also affected by this rising phenomena. Japan and South Korea too are going through the same thing; what’s sad is that the victims are between… Continue reading »

The Many Benefits Of Family Counseling

Many families can benefit from professional family counseling. Families going through difficult times and facing challenges can learn how to cope and deal with circumstances in a healthy way, together. Some families simply need to work on improving their communication skills. No matter what the reasons, there are many benefits to seeking help from a… Continue reading »

Anti-Anxiety Diet

Anxiety is not directly affected by what you eat. But diet plays an important role in alleviating people of anxiety symptoms. The foods that you eat everyday contribute to the anxiety that you deal with daily. Eating more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables may become part of your attempt to lower your anxiety and… Continue reading »

Why We Love Comedy TV

Self-Portrait 3/12
On a silent and boring evening, we all want to have some form of entertainment. Watching the news may give us negative thoughts and feelings while watching a drama series may leave us with a sour mood before bed. However, a good comedy show will give us a good laugh and a smile on our… Continue reading »

The Map of Grief

Many who have experienced a significant death or loss have been exposed to the ‘grief cycle’, a commonly accepted map of the experiences one goes through while grieving. Thomas Golden and James Miller, co-authors of “When a Man Faces Grief” expand upon that cycle, and posit five primary stages within: Disbelief: As the loss occurs,… Continue reading »

How To Maintain A Fresh Smell Without Blocking Your Pores

The health concerns surrounding antiperspirants and their ongoing use is a popular topic of conversation among women. Many products contain ingredients that are designed to prevent the body from sweating in the underarm area. Because this is a major outlet for the body’s natural toxin removal process, relying on heavy and low-quality formulations is not… Continue reading »

Accepting Helplessness during Grieving: How hard it is for Men, but how important it is

Speaking from a masculine perspective, I’ve been either deliberately or unconsciously trained (probably both) to be a provider and protector…strong, capable, and aware. According to the training guidelines (i.e. society), there’s not supposed to be a situation I cannot handle, a threat I cannot deal with, or an obstacle I can’t get over, around, or… Continue reading »

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