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14 Great Things from Canada

Canada is the birthplace of some of the world’s favorite celebrities and home to countless inventions. Although not completely exhaustive, this list features some of our favorite exports from the Great White North. Ryan Reynolds: Vancouver’s most gorgeous actor. He might be British Columbia’s hottest export: in 2010, he was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man… Continue reading »

How Your Games/Missions Can Have Consequences for your Characters

When proposing or writing a mission (or game) for an online roleplaying group, it can often be quite easy to take inspiration from any number of your own roleplaying or real world experiences. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be hit by a flash of inspiration of your own, coming up with a brand new idea… Continue reading »

Why We Love Comedy TV

On a silent and boring evening, we all want to have some form of entertainment. Watching the news may give us negative thoughts and feelings while watching a drama series may leave us with a sour mood before bed. However, a good comedy show will give us a good laugh and a smile on our… Continue reading »

Hasbro’s Top Toys – 2013

Today, we are looking at what Hasbro has to offer. In 2013, Hasbro has a huge range of toys. In fact, it might just be Hasbro’s biggest offering. We couldn’t possibly cover every toy that they are releasing this year in this blog post. We decided to only talk about the biggest and best toys… Continue reading »

Glass Awards and Trophies are the Best Reward

Are you an employer who wants to recognize some of your outstanding employees? Or, maybe you’re in charge of a sports league and are looking for awards to give to the winning teams. If any of these apply to you one thing to consider would be glass awards and trophies. Not only are these awards… Continue reading »

Invitus Records: Music Powerhouse

Every singer’s dream would be to sit down with professional songwriters, musicians, producers, and managers ready to create the next greatest hit songs. It is a long road that even the best singers have travelled. Although an artist is rarely born overnight, each celebrity has made it to the top in a slightly different manner.… Continue reading »

Micro Vehicle Toys Speed Ahead In 2012

With Christmas just a few months ahead, speeding around the corner in 2012 are micro vehicles. Micro vehicles are miniature sized cars. It’s one of the newest trends in the toy industry for this year. Will these toys be among the best toys of 2012 or get a flat tire along the way? We have… Continue reading »

The Beauty of a Video Matrix

I have an older TV that does not support HDMI cables. It does have the standard yellow, red, and white audio/visual connections, but it only has one input option in the back of the TV and one in the front. My family has a Wii, a DVD player, and an Xbox that we like to… Continue reading »

The Best Hot Christmas Tech Gifts: The Kindle Fire

The season for gift-giving is just around the corner once again and for many of you who are already starting to make their Christmas gift list you will need great gift ideas. If you have loved ones who are into computers and gadgets there are several options for you when it comes to hot Christmas… Continue reading »

Why You Should Buy Lost Complete Collection!

One of the most expensive series in the history of television series’ is Lost. The large ensemble of cast and the location for filming were considered as the reason why it spends more than 10 million every shooting day. However, this was returned by the series with numerous accolades and awards from Emmy as well… Continue reading »

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