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Cocktail Dresses for Full Figured Women: Top Designers and Brands

Back in the room
Many plus size women dread having to attend functions that require dressing up. Mainly because a lot of women don’t own dresses they feel they look good in, and they dread the idea of an afternoon spent in fitting rooms, trying dress after dress that just does not do anything for them. All who have… Continue reading »

The Plus-Size Girl’s Guide to Finding the Right Prom Dress

VIP in Prom Dress
Many young ladies dread prom season because they feel they possess more curves than other prom goers, making it impossible to find a dress that fits them well. There is no reason to feel this way. There are so many styles, lengths and colors out there that everyone is sure to find the perfect dress.… Continue reading »

Discover Vintage and Retro Clothes

Retro clothing for men in the United Kingdom is still trendy. There are several styles to pick from, such as mod, punk, and the upper class style from the 1940′s. A good thing about vintage clothes is that it is possible to incorporate your own touches to them, to personalize them. Lots of men begin… Continue reading »

Celebrities Influence Popular Vintage and Retro Trends

Anyone who follows celebrity fashion already knows that vintage clothing is in. Recently, some of the clothing that previously would have been termed “old” is now becoming quite popular all over again. Just take a look around at the unique fashions people are wearing and how many of them are actually wearing vintage clothing with… Continue reading »

How To Properly Care For Leather Products

Go Up
Leather has been a widely accepted product and a lot of people have become enthusiasts through the years. They can have a a variety of uses like for wallets, shoes, furniture and car seats. In fact, there are some people that are okay with spending thousands of dollars for some rarer kinds of leather like… Continue reading »

How to make Non slip socks

Socks for me!
Socks to warm our feet when it’s cold can pose a danger when we have to walk around the house on smooth surfaces. Wearing socks on the floor can become quite slippery and may even cause injury if the wearer falls. To alleviate this you can either purchase some cheap non slip socks or you… Continue reading »

Some Tips For Buying Effective Running Gear

It’s that time of year where you can run outside comfortably and enjoy the sunshine, so there’s no reason to not start exercising. You may find that once you look to see what you have in the form of running gear, that you need to go shopping and purchase something new. Good quality trainers are… Continue reading »

Mermaid And Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

James & Amanda's Wedding
photo credit: katclay On your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. There are a wide variety of different wedding dresses on the market at this time. If you are looking for a style that will truly look beautiful on you and make you feel good, you should take a look at… Continue reading »

Finding Inexpensive Shoes And Handbags

UGG Boots
photo credit: Lunar Castle You might be looking for cheap ugg boots but are not sure where to look. Thankfully, this is something that we can help you with. One of the first places to look for Australia Classic short boots for women is Nordstrom. You can find these boots at Nordstroms for about one… Continue reading »

Discount Spanx: A Cheap Alternative To Achieving A Great Body

TC® Just Enough® Camisole - Style 444
photo credit: TC Fine Intimates Do you ever wonder about the things that you can do for the sake of your body? Do you think that you need to lose weight in order to look presentable in front of other people? If your answer is yes, you might want to get discount Spanx. It is… Continue reading »

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