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Tips For Locating Low Cost Hydraulic Hose Fittings

One of the most important aspects of owning an auto repair shop is the ability to locate the parts you need at the absolute lowest prices. The reason that this is so important is the fact that the price you pay for your automotive parts such as hydraulic hose fittings, will directly impact the prices… Continue reading »

Buying a Briggs and Stratton Gasket Kit Can Save Time and Effort

Gaskets are part of every engine. A gasket fills a gap between two mating surfaces in an engine and having the right gasket in the right place is crucial for good engine performance. Buying a briggs and stratton gasket kit that contains all the gaskets for your engine is not very expensive. If you have… Continue reading »

What to Do about Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

6000lb Hydraulic Ram delivered for the Tram 11.01.2007
Hydraulic cylinders are a very important component of modern machinery. They are used in everything from floor jacks and rear hatches on cars to dump trucks and front-end loaders. Smaller hydraulic cylinders like those on the rear hatch of an SUV are simply used as a sort of assisted opening device. Bigger cylinders make lifting… Continue reading »

Social Media and Website Integration Best Practices

Twitter on iPhone 3Gs
As an online business owner, or a blogger, you have likely seen the increased number of websites that now display social media buttons. There are countless solutions and options available to webmasters, like the Facebook like button as well as an auto-tweet button from Twitter. It is definitely important to use social media on your… Continue reading »

Auto Shipping: Choosing the Best Ride for Your Ride

ERF Brochure c 1972.
Even if you are excited about your upcoming move, the to-do list can be overwhelming. With a bit of research, you can easily reduce your stress and make your move as hassle-free as humanly possible. To ensure that your valued and valuable possessions make it to your new home, you need to find companies that… Continue reading »

How to Buy a Reliable Used Car from Oklahoma City Dealerships

After your home, your car is probably your most valuable asset. It is one of the most expensive things you have invested in. However, you can easily purchase the car of your dreams through numerous dealerships located in Oklahoma City area. Picking out the right car for your self can seem like a rather daunting… Continue reading »

What Are Temporary Employment Agencies?

You might be wondering what exactly we mean by the phrase “temporary employment agencies“. These are agencies that have made it their core business to offer its clients opportunities that can be categorized as temporary jobs. These agencies have been on the increase in the last couple of years as corporations opt to hire more… Continue reading »

The advantages of using electric forklifts

photo credit: Elsie esq. People generally purchase electric pallet jack trucks because they cost less to operate on a per hour basis. The main reason for this is because they do not have as many parts compared to internal combustion forklift trucks. Diesel forklift trucks have more moving parts, and generally cost more to maintain… Continue reading »

Golf Carts Vs. Utility Vehicles

The many things you can now do with a golf cart are blurring the line between golf carts and standard cars on the road. Golf carts were small vehicles with four wheels, however, a lot of golf carts nowadays have been modified to serve the needs of many people, and these needs are no longer… Continue reading »

Remember to recycle your used motor oil

Whenever we think about green issues in relation to motor vehicles and transport we often think about emissions caused when gasoline and air are burnt to produce power. We also consider the scarce nature of gas and how much it costs is to run a carbon-based economy. These are all very important issues; it’s a… Continue reading »

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