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Buy Less Food To Eat Less Food and Lose Weight

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Creative Commons License photo credit: j.reed

This might sound as a brain dead simple weight loss advice but it works so well and so people use it that it must be said. Buy less food and you will eat less food. Make a shopping list and make sure you stick to it when you go out shopping.

The problem with buying food is twofold. The first part is related with the creation of the list. Put on your grocery shopping list only healthy foods that will help you lose weight. Then you must make sure that you will stick to your list and buy only the thing found on it. This sounds easier that it is to do. A fabulous rapid weight loss tip is to always use a shopping partner when grocery shopping. The purpose of the shopping partner is that of making sure you stick to your shopping list no matter what.

Also make sure you only buy the food you need until your next grocery shopping. That way you won’t force yourself to eat more food because you don’t want it to spoil.