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Breakdown of Fees In Liposuction Prices

When it comes to understanding liposuction prices the best approach is to simply break down the fees that make up the final bill. Generally these charges can be summarized into three categories including the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee and the facility fee. The facility fee is sometimes referred to as the hospital fee or miscellaneous fee since it contains everything both surgically related and unrelated. Some clinics will itemize every detail of the charges that make up the liposuction prices while others will group them in more vague categories.

The surgeon’s fee is one aspect that you will not want to compromise because it is simply too dangerous to go to a surgeon that does not charge a reasonable market rate for his or her services. Usually the plastic surgeon will slash their fees to draw customers as a way to compensate for a lack of credentials or experience. It is dangerous to pick a plastic surgeon based simply on who offers the lowest prices.

The anesthesia fee is actually what the name describes it is the cost of consuming the drug used to numb the treated area in local anesthesia or completely sedate a patient in the case of general anesthesia. It also includes the administration cost which is especially applicable to larger dosages that require an anesthesiologist.

Finally, there is the facility fee to account for which is where the greatest variability between surgeries will come from. The cost of liposuction includes the use of a surgical facility and the equipment as well as any prescriptive medication for the recovery period. There are other aspects that will be billed to the patient such as any post surgical garments and any other additional care after the surgery. Pre-surgery analysis and examinations might also be billed to the patient under this fee category. In all, it is good to know where your charges are going since liposuction prices tend to average in the thousands.