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Boostability is Key During a Struggling Economy

In this fragile economy, there are few business fields that seem to be growing. Of course, the government can always be counted on to provide jobs for the general public. However, in the private sector, only the field of medicine is seen to be stable and even growing. Contrary to this popular belief, the internet is becoming a place where companies are thriving. Not only are a number of people starting their own ecommerce businesses, but there are also a growing number of businesses which are providing services to these ecommerce sites. The field of search engine optimization, or SEO as it is referred to by insiders, is a highly profitable and growing field, even during these times of uncertainty.

Seo Services

While there are many companies that provide SEO services, there are several which stand out for their positive results and unusual methods. One of these companies is Boostability, a small company just starting out. Boostability was started just a few years ago in the relatively small Utah community of American Fork. The company began with just three men in a basement office and has since grown to over eighty employees in house. This expansion was required due to the company’s ever-expanding client base. In the beginning, they were providing SEO services to just a few companies and the now-CEO, Travis Thorpe, was doing all of the fulfillment work by himself.

Professional Writers

Now, however, a team of account managers watch over the work for thousands of clients and there is a team of over twenty professional writers in house, with another hundred or so that work remotely. Boostability, like all search engine optimization companies, provides a valuable resource for companies with websites. One of the primary ways that these companies are seen by search engines is through the use of outside links which are directed at the company’s site. The greater the number of these outside links, the more valuable the company is seen by the search engine. When a company is seen as valuable by the search engine, then it ranks it higher on the search engine results page. The job of an SEO company is to build as many of these outside links as possible for their clients. Some companies are more successful than others at doing this. What makes Boostability different from every other SEO company is that Boostability is very open with their clients about the sites that they are posting on and what it is that they are posting.

Open Book Policy

There are many SEO companies that keep their work hidden from their clients, making their work into a mystery. They believe that if they tell their client where they are posting and what they are posting, that their clients will no longer need their services. However, Boostability is so confident in their abilities that they are willing to allow their clients to see everything that they do. They hold themselves responsible for everything that they do. This difference elevates Boostability to the top of their field. Boostability continues to grow, despite the struggling state of our nation’s economy.

SEO is key

The internet is continuing to grow and with it are a myriad of businesses and their websites. These companies are looking for ways to increase their marketing edge in this virtual world. These companies need search engine optimization to help them be seen by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Once these search engines see and rank these businesses at the top of their lists, then the businesses can begin to see profits. These results are not easy to obtain, but with a good SEO company like Boostability, you can be sure that you will see results. After all, results count, no matter what state the economy is in.